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Elevating the Patient Experience

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Introducing the ZG Exam Lift Recliner

Featuring threefold functionality as a power recliner, height adjustable exam surface, and sleep space with flatbed position, the ZG Exam Lift Recliner by La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® brings trusted comfort and cleanability to exam spaces, infusion centers, and patient rooms. Users can experience the fully adjustable weightless zero gravity position, and all other recline positions, while at ground level or elevated for treatment at caregiver height.

Designed from the ground up for 24/7 healthcare environments with fully power operated recline via the wand controller, the ZG Exam Lift Recliner offers peak performance to match its unparalleled level of comfort.

The back, seat, and foot rest angles can all be controlled individually via the power control wand, allowing caregivers to situate patients in the most ergonomic working position, whether to replace a leg wrap or to prop up the patient’s feet without moving an injured upper body.

Designed Around Your Needs

Aside from the multiple aesthetic styles and thousands of healthcare grade textiles available to customize the visual aspects, the ZG Exam Lift Recliner offers near limitless option configurations to specialize it for your exact application—or to outfit a single recliner for flexible use across several clinical settings.

ZG Look Book


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