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Healthcare Design Product Innovation Awards 2022 Finalist

Tags: innovation, healthcare, recliners

A finalist in the Healthcare Design Product Innovation Awards 2022, the Exam Lift Treatment Recliner is a healthcare recliner designed to vertically lift to form a functional examination and treatment space, all while offering superior comfort in the seated, reclined, and true flatbed sleep positions, achieving conservation of valuable space and adding versatility to meet today’s needs.

The Exam Lift Treatment Recliner allows the caregiver to intuitively raise and lower the recliner from seated height to exam height, and stop anywhere in between, while allowing the patient to operate the recliner manually. It comes standard with many important features, and is offered with extensive option combinations to provide the end user a chance to specify the perfect product for their application, available in both manual and power lifting versions at equal cost. There is a ballistic nylon material sewn into the bottom of the arm panel to help protect the chair material from extensive usage of the lift, Trendelenburg, or Quad Locking Caster pedals. The Quad Locking Caster System provides stability when raising a patient for examination, and is standard on all Exam Lift Treatment Recliners.

While the Manual Hydraulic Exam Lift Treatment Recliner includes a pedal that is manually pumped to raise the body of the chair (while holding a separate pedal to lower), the Power Lift Exam Treatment Recliner features an Activation Pedal marked with a “+” and a “-” which will raise and lower the recliner when activated by stepping on the pedal. The Activation Pedals are located on both sides of the recliner. The Power Lift Motor features an anti-crush emergency stop, which will halt the motor if an object comes in contact with the chair while it is being lowered back down. The power version also features an auto-off cycle function, to protect the motor. An optional battery backup is available as well.

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