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Durable® Power Series Recliners

by La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort®


Durable Power Series ZG Recliner – Weightless Zero Gravity Position

The Durable® Power Series by La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® combines over a half century of recliner mastery with leading, proven technology to create something completely new to the healthcare space—fully adjustable infinite position power recliners featuring weightless zero gravity capability.

Designed from the ground up for 24/7 healthcare environments with fully power operated recline via the wand controller, the Durable Power Series offers peak performance to match its unparalleled level of comfort. Numerous features to aid in sanitization and safety, along with a spectrum of options available to add comfort, convenience, and functionality combine in the Durable Power Series to bring life to our mantra- Comfort Heals®.

Meeting a Need

The Durable Power Series Zero Gravity Recliners were designed to combine the comfort, durability, and performance of our flagship healthcare recliners with current, proven technology and modern medical understanding in order to provide healing comfort to patients in a way that has not been available in healthcare settings until now.

A primary goal in development was to create a chair that was conducive to sitting sessions that could last long periods of time. This was achieved with the signature “zero gravity” position, which was named to reflect the weightless feeling astronauts experience in space. This position suspends the user in their unique neutral posture, equalizing weight distribution to help in eliminating pressure points, such as those on the lower back or pelvic region that are inherent to other types of seating.

A related aim was to incorporate the operation of this capability, along with all other functionality expected in a premium healthcare recliner, in such a way that users and caregivers could control the positions and features without instruction. This goal was realized with the intuitive wand controller that has clearly marked presets for home, sleep, zero gravity, and Trendelenburg positions (as well as a lift option on applicable models). Each axis of movement can be individually adjusted beyond the presets to the user’s desired level of comfort.

The entire spectrum of patient needs was considered during development, from the weightless zero gravity position aiding physical stress reduction, to the available lift assist to help patients exit the recliner safely when at their most vulnerable.
The wand controller has button presets to move to the most desired positions easily, and can be fine tuned to the user’s perfect level of comfort with individual fully adjustable seat, back, and foot rest adjustments.

The Innovation

The Durable Power Series innovates as the first true healthcare specific recliner that can achieve a weightless, zero gravity position. Years of development and multiple bespoke motors provide patients for the first time the ability to reach the deep levels of relaxation, mentally and physically, that are obtainable in their unique weightless position (in addition to the other presets, and any position in between).

The streamlined design also eliminates the side handles and levers common to other recliners specific to the healthcare space, with the control wand handling functions that would normally require several manual controls or pedals to operate.

The Durable Power Series Recliners are also set apart by the standout features common to all Durable products, such as flatbed sleep position, removable back and lift up seat for ease of cleaning, field replaceable components for extended life cycle, and numerous options to customize the recliners to any application.

Better Patient Experience & Quality of Care

The design of the Durable Power Series Recliners is first and foremost centered upon improving the level of experience and wellness for patients, while taking physical stress off caregivers by allowing all the presets and positions to be controlled by a hand wand, rather than manual functionality. The weightless zero gravity position that is unique to these recliners provides an ideal solution for applications in which patients may be situated in the same location for long periods of time, such as oncology, dialysis, or an inpatient hospital stay.

Current products used in these settings place patients in a position in which most of the weight of the upper body is resting on the lower back or pelvic region (depending on orientation). The ability of this recliner to bring patients to their neutral position helps eliminate the strain from these long sessions of limited mobility by distributing the user’s weight uniformly. The other benefits of this weightless posture, such as enhanced circulation, improved breathing, and reduced spinal compression, among others, have been well documented through the use of floatation chamber spas and zero gravity style beds.

Several add-on features are available to further enhance the patient experience. Heat and massage options keep patients comfortable in procedures where body heat is continuously lost, while adjustable head rest pillows and back pads add extra cushioning for patients who are in a more delicate state. Several more options are available both to ease caregiver handling and to add comfort for the user.

A major goal in design was to create a safe space for patients in oncology and infusion settings to rest comfortably for extended periods while greatly reducing the physical strain normally endured.
The zero gravity position was named for the weightless feeling users experience. Weight distribution is equalized across the body to help eliminate pressure points.

Comfort, Craftsmanship, & Cleanability

The level of comfort built into the Durable Power Series, particularly in the zero gravity position, is only able to be experienced firsthand. Details hidden underneath the textile, such as the sinuous spring seat and back (to keep cushions from flattening over time), and literal years of fine-tuning the motors and preset positions cannot be conveyed in product images.

As with all of our healthcare recliners, creating a product that is easily cleaned and sanitized was non-negotiable. The back can be quickly removed for full cleaning, with the seat lifting up to allow thorough sanitization everywhere between the arms. The recliners were engineered with no entrapment areas- anything that is dropped or spilled in the recliner will flow straight to the floor to be easily cleaned. The Chaise Continuous Footrest also aids in sanitization, as it utilizes an unbroken section of upholstery that can be easily wiped down, and folds back into the recliner in a way that does not create entrapment areas for bacterial growth, as do some recliners in hospitals today.

Another unseen detail is the attention to safety, from the available Lift Assist feature to help patients exit the recliner (which includes an automatic locking caster system to ensure the chair is secure), to smart motors which stop if unintended force begins to be exerted.

Additionally, they are made in the USA to ensure quality to our exacting standards and mitigate supply chain issues encountered with foreign built products.

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