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Fabric List Additions

Due to the vastly different upholstered pieces across our product line, we have begun adding popular textiles onto our graded list that have been tested and approved for our recliners (and other single seat products), but would not be recommended for sofas and other products more prone to puddling. They are noted with a highlight on our most recent fabric grade sheets.


Infusion/Oncology Brochure Incoming

The Infusion & Oncology Product Overview brochure is complete and up on our website brochures page, or here. They are at the printer and we will ship these out along with the Recliner Builder notepads we showed during our update webinar, please send the shipping address and quantity you would like of either/both of these items to .

Gallery Page Updated

We have added new media of the ZG Exam Lift Recliner to our Gallery page, including a couple animated GIFs.

New Website Functionality Incoming

The web developers that built our site have been working on implementing several new features. A few have already gone live, such as the IG feed on our homepage, and the others will come throughout the summer. A couple of note are a much cleaner Videos page and the ability to have options listed on product pages link to an info page for the particular option.

Interactive Recliner Builder Promo Pieces

The digital Recliner Builder tool we’ve been working on is now live. The new URL is , in case you have the old page bookmarked. We’ve put together a few resources for you to have and share below. We’ve also built a tutorial page with a video and written/image instructions at the link below- please send this page instead of a direct link to the video, so if we make updates in the future they’ll see the latest version.

Promo PDF (for email)

Promo Image (for phone/text)

Recliner Builder Tutorial PDF

Tutorial Page (with video & instructions)

Feature Article in GB&D

We have been featured in an article on Comfort in healthcare furnishings alongside Cleveland Clinic. You can view the entire current issue here, or download the article only here.

Order Expeditor Checklist

We showed the Order Expeditor form on our marketing update call, if you’d like to use it, it can be downloaded here.

Knú Apparel Store

Our company apparel store is open the 1st – 7th of each month, with orders shipping out the end of the month. You can access it at the below link:

Knú Apparel Web Store

Contacts for Specific Requests

SpecialProductRequest@getknu.comSpecial requests & questions

Orders@getknu.comPurchase Orders & associated documents

Parts@getknu.comPart & Warranty requests & questions

Sales@getknu.comSpiff award & enrollment forms

Marketing@getknu.comLiterature requests

SpecialPricing@getknu.comP-codes, special pricing & registration

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