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How-To Video

In the below video, learn the simple steps to build your own custom recliner with the interactive Recliner Builder configuration tool.

Step-By-Step Instructions

STEP 1: Select Product Series

Click the product series you would like to build, then click the recliner image to select a subcategory. A base recliner will appear in the viewport.

To move the recliner in the viewing area, right click and drag. To rotate it, left click and drag.

STEP 2: Select Variation Options

Click the Variations tab on the right side menu. To select a specific model number, you can choose it under “Model”. Otherwise, make selections in the other drop down menus under Variations and the model number will update automatically with each choice. If a Variation option isn’t available on the recliner style being built, when selected the model will switch to the most similar recliner with the available option.

NOTE: Since the Variation options selected determine the model number, a new 3D model is loaded with each choice. If a fabric or other options have been selected already, when a new 3D model is loaded those selections will be cleared to the default.

STEP 3: Choose Fabric/Cover

If you would like to use a single textile, select “No” under the Multi Cover menu. To specify a different textile for each part of the recliner, choose “Yes” and select the highest fabric grade that will be used on the recliner. This selection will calculate pricing for the recliner.

Depending on your selection under Multi Cover, you will either select a single Fabric Grade option to apply a textile, or multiple drop down menus for the different parts.

STEP 4: Select Additional Options

Next, you can select any additional options or add-on features you would like. If you selected an arm cap in the “Arm Type” menu under Variations, you can also choose a finish color. Each selection will update the unit list price and recliner visualization.

STEP 5: Export Files

Once your recliner is just as you’d like it, build an order by clicking the “+” or “-” buttons to change the quantity, then click “Add To Cart.” Click “View Project Summary” to see a list of all products in the cart. You can download an Order SIF with all products in the cart from here.

By clicking the buttons on the bottom menu bar, you can easily download files and resources based on the recliner you customized. The Order SIF downloaded from here will contain only the current product (for the entire order, see above).

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