by Knú Comfort®


Kadia Mod Upholstered Lounge

The Kadia Mod Upholstered Lounge Series is a comprehensive collection of high performance lounge pieces, including multiple seat, bariatric, intervening table, and other options, designed for modular layouts to truly fit any space. The passive flex back design, included on all models, along with sinuous spring back and comfort webbed seats combine to achieve optimal comfort. All available with any textile and finish options imaginable.

Kadia Mod Visitor

Kadia Mod Visitor is an open arm, metal frame modular seating series that has been refreshed, or “modernized”, based on our original Kadia Series. Kadia Mod Visitor integrates a molded seat foam over Comfort Webbing, which amplifies the Comfort, Performance, and Durability that Knú Comfort® is known for. Kadia Mod Visitor also incorporates a passive flex back for optimal Comfort as a standard feature, along with clean out (or wipe out area) in between the seat and back, and leveling glides. Multiple standard frame finishes, as well as unlimited custom finish options and textile choices allow Kadia Mod Visitor to seamlessly fill any Public Space.

Hip Chairs

The Hip Chair, also knows as an Easy Access Chair, is an important part of many Public Area settings, and can be very useful in numerous environments.  The 23” seat height of the Hip Chair makes ingress and egress significantly easier for patients or visitors who chooses to sit or perch in a chair while awaiting an appointment or visit.  It is not uncommon for a Public Area Space to incorporate the same percentage of Hip Chairs as Bariatric Chairs in a space to offer a wider array of seating options for all individuals and abilities.

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