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Welcome to the Knú Year

A fresh start.

2021 marks the 50 year anniversary of the contract furniture division of La-Z-Boy. With this milestone in mind, last summer we at La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort began the journey of evaluating where we’ve been, and where we are. We looked at our strengths and what made us unique. After months of exercises and surveys, it was clear to us what we’re about- Comfort.

Comfort is designed and built into everything that comes out of our doors at La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort. It’s the foundation of what the organization strives to create, and what is offered to those who most need it. An ethos. From the initial spark that flashes through the mind of one of the dedicated engineers to the first time a new design leaves the manufacturing facility, Comfort is the guiding light that is followed every step of the way.

But Comfort isn’t just the relative ‘comfiness’ of a seat- it is in the way we operate, the way we serve customers, and in the way we want your experience with us to be. We’ve spent a lot of time the last year in trying to make our extensive breadth of products as simple as possible to specify and understand. We’ve developed this website from the ground up to aid in that effort- a tool to make picking the perfect product to fit your needs as simple as possible, as well as finding any other helpful resources you could need. Check out one of our favorite new tools HERE.

With exciting new products in development and more innovative surprises deep in progress, we are more optimistic than ever and believe this will truly be our year- the Knú Year.

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