A New Frontier of Comfort for Healthcare Recliners

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The revolutionary introduction of the Durable® Power Series starts now with the first-ever true healthcare specific zero gravity position recliners.

Space-like feel, achieved by fully adjustable weightless positions, help eliminate pressure points at the touch of a wand—providing out of this world comfort to patients that La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® is known for.

All-New Zero Gravity Position Healthcare Recliners

Details on the Durable Power Series ZG Recliner and ZG Lift Recliner can be found on our series page, HERE, with much more coming soon. To see them in action, check out the videos below.

Zero Gravity Position Healthcare 
Recliners Video
ZG Recliner Video
Zero Gravity Position Healthcare 
Recliners with Lift Assist Video
ZG Lift Recliner Video

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