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Below you will find demonstrations of our most popular products and features.

The Knú Year of Comfort

It’s a brand Knú year. We’ve got a lot in store, come along for the ride.


Product Series

Exam Lift Treatment Recliner – In-Depth On Location

A detailed look at 2022 HCD Product Innovation Awards Finalist, the Exam Lift Treatment Recliner.

Oxley Sleep Bench

The fold out cushion creates a low elevation sleep surface that has made it a popular choice for children’s hospitals and other applications where a young one may be using it

Oxley Sleep Sofa with Lounge Arms

The Oxley sleep sofa provides a high performance sleep space designed for healthcare environments, now available with Lounge Arms for a new dimension of comfort.

Pediatric Recliner On Location

The pediatric configuration of the Durable® 650 Series.

Mobile Showroom Walkthrough

Take a trip through our mobile showroom setup, making a stop in sunny Orlando, FL. With three openings it provides a safe, open-air venue to view and experience the Comfort our family of products are known for.

Virtual Showroom Tour

If an in-person demonstration isn’t possible, or a product demo is needed right away, we have a virtual product demonstration station set up to show our product- contact your local rep or customer service to set up a demonstration!

Kadia Luxe – Durable® 650 Series Recliner

Kadia Luxe arrives with an innovative front profile design crafted to hide the operational levers and included table within the body of the piece, all while offering the same functionality of the Durable® 650 Series. Product shown: KLC1117

Exam Lift Recliner

The Exam Lift Recliner offers all the benefits of our mobile healthcare recliners, with the added ability to raise to full exam height for treatment or examination.

Max Sleep Sofa with Hydraulic Lift Center Table

Our popular Max Sleep Sofa has a wide variety of optional features, this model demonstrates the hydraulic lifting center table option as well as dual leg supports.

Durable® 650 Series Recliner with Patient Transfer Arm

Our most comprehensive and robust recliner series, designed with comfort and cleanability in mind. Shown here with patient transfer arm.

Pediatric Recliner

The Pediatric configuration of our Durable 650 Series Recliner, including 3″ central locking casters and 22″ seat width, available with all the features and options of the standard size Durable 650 Series.

Durable® 650 Series Recliner

Versatile and designed for healthcare, the Durable® 650 Series features our unitized mechanism for smoother movement and quick release back for easy cleaning.

Compact Recliner

The Compact variation of our Durable 650 Series Recliner, shown here with optional 3″ central locking casters. Our Compact recliners are available with all the features and options of the standard size Durable 650 Series.

Durable® 750 Series Recliner

The Durable® 750 Series includes our bariatric mobile medical recliners, with our Durable® mechanism for smooth, full body movement.

Durable® 550 Series Mobile Rocker Recliner

The Durable® 550 Series categorizes our rocker recliner solutions. Standard with locking back in mobile and stationary configurations.

450 Series Kure Medical Recliner

Our Kure Medical Recliner offers great value with functionality and comfort, available with many of our most popular features.

450 Series Max Medical Recliner

The Max Medical Recliner brings full healthcare grade construction at an entry level price point.

350 Series – Kure Three Position Recliner

The Kure Three Position Recliner (K0017) is a comfortable and versatile “controlled environment” recliner, suitable for wellness rooms, doctors lounges, corporate waiting rooms, and others.

350 Series Glider Chair

Our newly engineered glider features a weight activated gliding mechanism that safely locks into place when exiting the chair.

Lift Series – Power and Lift Recliner

Our room saver lift series recliner is a perfect solution for patients needing a little extra boost with the help of the handheld control wand.

Max Sleep Sofa with Hydraulic Lift Table Animation

A new addition to our expansive fold down back sleep sofa offering, this model has a lifting table built into the center.

Oxley Sleep Sofa

The Oxley series of sleep sofas provides a high performance sleep space for users with the added comfort and durability required for healthcare environments, while folding up into either sofa or bench variations to conserve space.

Sleep Chairs

Our collection of Sleep Chairs offer a three position space saving design, with chair, chaise lounge, and sleep positions all available in a single product.


Chaise Continuous Leg Support

The Chaise Continuous Leg Support adds comfort and warmth for the user with continuous upholstery from the back of the seat to the front of the leg support.

Q4 – 4″ Central Caster Lock & Steer System

A demonstration of The Central Lock and Steer (Q4) feature that is controlled by a three position lever located at the front of the chair on the left arm facing.

Adjustable Back Pad

The adjustable back pad is available on Durable® Series Recliners. It is designed to enhance comfort and create a more tailored experience for users.

Q5 – 5″ Central Caster Lock and Steer

A demonstration of the 4-Caster Lock and Steer (Q5) feature that is controlled by a three position lever located at the front of the chair on the left arm facing.

Q3 – 3″ Central Locking Caster System

The 3″ Central Locking Caster System allows a caregiver to lock the recliner in place with the simple press of a foot pedal.

Caster Size Options

A comparison of our central locking caster systems and sizing.

Heat and Massage

The Heat and Massage option on our mobile medical recliners adds another layer of comfort to our healthcare focused products.

Heat/Massage Wand

A demonstration of the Heat & Massage Wand that is located on the seat. Heat temperature is 97 Degrees Low to 105 Degrees High.

Foley Bag Holder

Designed to automatically fold back into the recliner when not in use, the Foley Bag Holder option is an intuitive way to add functionality to our healthcare recliners.

IV Pole

A demonstration of the IV pole and bracket that are positioned on the recliner arm (right side facing) toward the back of the chair.

Adjustable Side Tray Table

Available on many of our recliners, the adjustable side tray can swivel 360 degrees or fold to the side when not in use.

Trendelenburg Pedal

A demonstration of the Trendelenburg pedal that allows an additional 10° pitch. The Trendelenburg lever is conveniently located on both sides of the recliner

Orthopedic Locking Leg Support

The Orthopedic Locking Leg Support is designed to lock in place to avoid unintended movement of the footrest in users who may have lower body injuries.

Infinite Position Locking Back

A demonstration of the Infinite Position Locking Back. The lever allows patient/caregivers to lock back in any recline position. Locking Back Lever is located on the inside of the left arm (facing) on select models. Locking Back Lever is located on the outside of the left arm (facing) on Dual Lateral Transfer Arm models.

Foot Tray

A demonstration of the pull out foot tray that easily slides out to support patient’s feet for added comfort.

USB Charging Port

A demonstration of our Hospital Grade Power (USB) IEC-60601 certified USB port. It offers a rubber plug that can be inserted into the USB connection to provide protection during cleaning.

Locking Side Table

A demonstration of the Folding Side Tray that is mounted on the right side (facing). The small FST measures 12” L x 10-5/8” W and the large FST measures 17” L x 10-5/8” W. When tray is in fold down position, it extends 2-1/2” from the chair arm.

Adjustable Headrest Pillow

A demonstration of the Adjustable Headrest Pillow which is made out of memory foam and gives additional comfort to a patient or visitor.

Removable Patient Transfer Arm

The Removable Patient Transfer Arm is one of two transfer arm styles available on our healthcare recliners, allowing unimpeded movement of the user from the recliner to a bed, or vice versa.

Monitor Arm

The repositionable Monitor Arm option adds the ability to hold a tablet or screen during long stays in our medical recliners.

Wrist Restraint

Available to safely restrain patients who may be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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