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Design the Recliner for You

Our premier line of healthcare recliners, the Durable® 650 Series (and its bariatric variant, the Durable® 750 Series), was designed with the ability to incorporate a vast array of healthcare and convenience-centric options to allow each recliner to be customized for your specific application. The Recliner Builder tool allows you to ‘build’ a recliner to

Mobile Showroom

The recently refreshed, open air concept La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort Mobile Showroom has hit the road! The Mobile Showroom is touring the country and is planning to visit many cities in 2022 and beyond. Designed for easy entry with multiple exit points, the Mobile Showroom provides an effective foot traffic flow. The Showroom opens

How-To: Using our Durable 650 Series Page

The Durable® 650 Series Recliner by La-Z-Boy Healthcare I Knú Comfort builds on the 80 plus year recliner history of La-Z-Boy to culminate in what has become our premier offering for the healthcare space. The Durable® 650 Series Recliner has been engineered and refined through the last decade to become the go-to product for comfort,

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