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Available Now: Configura CET Designer Extension

Culminating several months of design and refinement, we are pleased to announce that our Configura CET Designer extension is available for download. The extension features our entire product line, from public area modular lounge to patient room upholstered products. A standout feature is the ability to start from the ground up to ‘build’ one of our Durable® 650 or 750 Series mobile healthcare recliners, specifying aesthetic, textiles, and options to meet your exact needs.

What is CET Designer?

Configura CET Designer is a software for professionals who work with design and specification in the office furniture industry. Users of the CET Designer platform can fill it with the desired contents, by loading so called extensions into the software. An extension can include product catalogs or specific functionality.

CET Designer addresses some of the most critical steps in the process of designing, specifying and visualizing office furniture and interiors. Through rapid configuration, it reveals drawing layouts and 3D renderings, bridging gaps in information communication between dealer and customer and dealer and specifier.

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