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Sleep Series

by Knú Healthcare®

Our Sleep Series is second to none, encompassing Sleep Sofa, Sleep Chair, and Sleep Bench choices, each available with enough options and variations to complete any space- not to mention each style having different use and functionality when not being used as a Sleeper. We’ve developed and refined our Sleepers to deliver optimal Comfort, while not sacrificing in Durability and Performance.



Max Sleep Sofa

The Max Sleep Sofa earns its name with its ability to maximize valuable space in healthcare environments, with a back that folds out to form a full sleep surface for users, while keeping the same original footprint. Available with many different options to enhance performance and comfort, such as recliner leg rests, stationary and lifting tables, numerous width and arm sizes, among others, the Max Sleep Sofa has become one of our fastest growing series in popularity.

Kenzley Sleep Sofa

The Kenzley Sleep Sofa was crafted for superior comfort, durability, and cleanability. Kenzley enhances the patient room with an inviting seating space in its sofa position, then seamlessly transitions to a distinct sleep surface with its simple and intuitive flop-style back.

Developed to address the specific needs of healthcare facilities, dual clean-out openings have been engineered into Kenzley to ensure debris or spills proceed straight to the floor, where the high-leg design allows quick, efficient sanitization. With multiple sizes, arm styles, leg styles, and other options, Kenzley can be customized to elevate any space.

Oxley Sleep Sofa

The Oxley series of sleep sofas provides a high performance sleep space for users with the added comfort and durability required for healthcare environments, while folding up into either sofa or bench variations to conserve space. The fold out functionality of the Oxley cushion creates a low elevation sleep surface that has made it a popular choice for children’s hospitals and other applications where a young one may be using it, while also maintaining separate seat and sleep surfaces.

Sleep Chairs

Our collection of Sleep Chairs offer a three position space saving design, with chair, chaise lounge, and sleep positions all available in a single product. The Sleep Chairs are available in a variety of sizes, including dual chairs with independent right and left chair/sleepers. Most models include the Soft Luxe seat cushion system with Bolsa Coils to provide a peak level of comfort and durability.

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