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A New Frontier of Comfort for Healthcare Recliners

The revolutionary introduction of the Durable® Power Series starts now with the first-ever true healthcare specific zero gravity position recliners. Space-like feel, achieved by fully adjustable weightless positions, help eliminate pressure points at the touch of a wand—providing out of this world comfort to patients that La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® is known for. Details

Welcome to the Knú Year

A fresh start. 2021 marks the 50 year anniversary of the contract furniture division of La-Z-Boy. With this milestone in mind, last summer we at La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort began the journey of evaluating where we’ve been, and where we are. We looked at our strengths and what made us unique. After months of

The All-New Kenzley Sleep Sofa

Available Now The Kenzley Sleep Sofa was crafted for superior comfort, durability, and cleanability. Kenzley enhances the patient room with an inviting seating space in its sofa position, then seamlessly transitions to a distinct sleep surface with its simple and intuitive flop-style back. Developed to address the specific needs of healthcare facilities, dual clean-out openings

Elevating the Patient Experience

Introducing the ZG Exam Lift Recliner Featuring threefold functionality as a power recliner, height adjustable exam surface, and sleep space with flatbed position, the ZG Exam Lift Recliner by La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® brings trusted comfort and cleanability to exam spaces, infusion centers, and patient rooms. Users can experience the fully adjustable weightless zero

Fully Powered for Healthcare

The All-New Durable® Power Series The Durable® Power Series combines over a half century of recliner mastery with leading, proven technology to create something completely new to the healthcare space—fully adjustable infinite position power recliners featuring weightless zero gravity capability. Space-like feel, achieved by fully adjustable weightless positions, help eliminate pressure points at the touch

See What’s New at HCD 2023

We look forward to seeing you! Visit us at HCD 2023 on November 4-7th in New Orleans, Louisiana! Our Knú Crew will be exhibiting at HCD Expo & Conference, Booth 1519. The HCD show is designed to provide comprehensive, carefully planned content, along with inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, facility tours, networking and an exciting exhibit

LIVE: Interactive Recliner Builder

In development for over 18 months, the all new Recliner Builder configurator tool from La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort is now live! This free rendering tool was designed to assist in specifying our vast offering of products in a user friendly way, allowing you to see a fully visualized representation of your recliner, including finishes,

Enhanced Comfort, Sleeping or Sitting

Introducing the newest member of the Oxley family of healthcare sleep products. The Oxley Sleep Sofa with Lounge Arms was designed to build additional layers of comfort into the seated position of the Oxley Sleep Sofa. The fully upholstered arms form a smooth corner and are raised to the perfect height for users to recline

Premier, Inc. Supplier Legacy Award

Ferdinand, IN, July 13, 2023 La-Z-Boy® Healthcare | Knú Comfort® has received the 2023 Supplier Legacy Award from Premier, Inc., a leading healthcare improvement and technology company that unites an alliance of more than 4,400 U.S. hospitals and health systems and approximately 250,000 other providers and organizations. One of 11 suppliers to receive the award this

Design the Recliner for You

Our premier line of healthcare recliners, the Durable® 650 Series (and its bariatric variant, the Durable® 750 Series), was designed with the ability to incorporate a vast array of healthcare and convenience-centric options to allow each recliner to be customized for your specific application. The Recliner Builder tool allows you to ‘build’ a recliner to

Mobile Showroom

The recently refreshed, open air concept La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort Mobile Showroom has hit the road! The Mobile Showroom is touring the country and is planning to visit many cities in 2022 and beyond. Designed for easy entry with multiple exit points, the Mobile Showroom provides an effective foot traffic flow. The Showroom opens

How-To: Using our Durable 650 Series Page

The Durable® 650 Series Recliner by La-Z-Boy Healthcare I Knú Comfort builds on the 80 plus year recliner history of La-Z-Boy to culminate in what has become our premier offering for the healthcare space. The Durable® 650 Series Recliner has been engineered and refined through the last decade to become the go-to product for comfort,

The Meaning of Comfort

More than the repose offered by a soft place to rest, Comfort can take meaning in every aspect of our world. It is a force to heal a troubled body, mind, and soul. And it is our mission to provide the best-in-comfort furnishings for healthcare and wellness environments. Comfort is designed and built into everything

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