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How-To: Using our Durable 650 Series Page

The Durable® 650 Series Recliner by La-Z-Boy Healthcare I Knú Comfort builds on the 80 plus year recliner history of La-Z-Boy to culminate in what has become our premier offering for the healthcare space. The Durable® 650 Series Recliner has been engineered and refined through the last decade to become the go-to product for comfort, durability, and performance. With dozens of options available and multiple aesthetic styles, as well as compact and bariatric (Durable® 750 Series) variations, this collection of recliners can be customized to fit nearly any need.

With our breadth of product available in this category, we have created a tool to help narrow down these products so you can easily find the perfect configuration for your needs. Below is video demonstration of how you can select the features you’d like in your recliner- simply click the buttons to toggle on the features you’re looking for and see the rows of recliners narrow down to your ideal fit. Then click a remaining model to see a product page with image and specs. A great deal of our options are available on every Durable® 650 Series model, such as Caster Locking Systems, Side Trays, and IV Poles, so those will be listed on the model’s page. Watch the video, then give it a try HERE!

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